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Art Classes



Bryce Browning, Jr.

Jeannine Kennedy

Mark Stachowicz

Jo Hagloch



Safety Scissors, Advanced Scissors, Prang Paint

Prang Colored Chalk, Large Crayolas

Advanced Crayolas

(Looking for photos of the modeling clays we used in K-3rd grade(?), calligraphy pens and ink wells, ink and rollers we used in 4th-8th grade art classes, etc.)



"Under study" (Dover High art students' projects selected for the Governor's Youth Art Exhibit) 6-5-1984 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter

Indian-Oriented Artifacts - Necklace, Leatherwork (if not created during 2nd-4th Grade Art Classes then created during YMCA/4-H summer school)

DLVE 6th Grade Art Class


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