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DHS English Department 1980-1981


DHS English Department 1981-1982


DHS English Department 1982-1983

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Bonnie Mackey

Ruth Pritchard

Dick Marshall




7th, 8th Grade English Class Awards

(Consolidated) English 112 & 113 Award; Ohio Tests of Scholastic Achievement Award



Possibly 1st Grade assignment

Sample Writing Assignments c.2nd Grade

Sample 1
Sample 2

1973 SRA reading kits, possibly similar to if not the ones we may have used then

Pages from a reading workbook c.3rd Grade 3.681MB


Initial Teaching Alphabet (ITA)

Wikipedia entry (

Facebook page (

Sue Perry Stokey's 1st grade ITA workbooks

Early-to-Read i|t|a Program, i|t|a Initial Teaching Alphabet Publications, Inc., 1965

Ready for Reading (SAPS ITA Ready for Reading 1971-1972.pdf) 13.763MB
Workbook to Accompany Houses (SAPS ITA Houses Workbook 1971-1972.pdf) 9.316MB
Workbook to Accompany Dinosaur Ben (SAPS ITA Dinosaur Ben Workbook 1971-1972.pdf) 4.098MB
Workbook to Accompany Books 2 and 3 (SAPS ITA Workbook to Accompany Books 2 & 3 1971-1972.pdf) 31.143MB
Workbook to Accompany Book 4 (SAPS ITA Workbook to Accompany Book 4 1971-1972.pdf) 22.381MB
Workbook to Accompany Book 5 (SAPS ITA Workbook to Accompany Book 5 1971-1972.pdf) 22.539MB
Workbook to Accompany Books 6 and 7 (SAPS ITA Workbook to Accompany Books 6 & 7 1971-1972.pdf) 5.32MB


Weekly Reader

"Weekly Reader is folding" 7-24-2012 Courtesy NBC Nightly News


Weekly Reader cover 1-13-1971


Some Weekly Reader books they got us to buy


"Cursive writing may be fading skill, but so what?" Courtesy Yahoo/AP
"Cursive writing is in danger of becoming a lost art" Courtesy Canton Repository



I hated when we had to watch author/illustrator John Robbins' shows "Cover to Cover", "Tell Me a Story", and "Readit" on PBS's educational TV because afterwards we got to do another creative writing exercise - DLVE

In some reading classes we used to read the packets from an SRA reading kit, then filled out the questionaires. If we got enough of them right we were assigned to the next level. This went on and on and on... - DLVE

K-4 South School: They were always trying to get us to buy and read Scholastic books and had contests as to who could read (buy?) the most books. We'd read through the Scholastic Weekly Reader/book catalog, ask our parents to cough up the cash, then wait and wwait for the books to come in. As if there was no such thing as a library. - DLVE


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