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Crater Stadium-Gibbs Lane; Crater Stadium-CR 82 (Dover Zoar Rd)-TR 380 (Blacksnake Hill Rd)-CR 80 (Schneiders Crossing Rd)-CR 81 (Deis Hill Rd)-Crater Ave.; Crater Stadium-Quaker Stadium
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Ohio Track & Field News (see cross country sections)

4-10-1982 7.091MB
4-16-1983 7.435MB
4-16-1984 7.666MB



7th-Sophomore Year: Numerous Saturday morning meets conflicted with College Game Day and we always tried pulling in the games on our radios. -DLVE

7th & 8th Grade: Coach Steve Lenarz would QB for the middle school vs. Coach Tom Henry for the varsity in football games where everyone went long. One field by the ballparks was about 1000 yards long and Lenarz would let us run 50+ yards before heaving it. -DLVE

7th or 8th Grade: The meet at Marlington was run on a golf course with soft footing and plenty of shade for once. -DLVE

8th Grade: We had a meet at Lodi/Cloverleaf, and it had just rained and was then snowing. We were told we could not wear our thick warmups because they would just bog us down, or that the officials wouldn't permit it, or some other BS. So we stripped down to our short flimsy shorts and T-shirt jerseys, within 1 minute our shoes were soaked, and within 5 they were frozen as we ran through the blizzard and mushy grass, snow, and mud. We jumped back on the warm bus ASAP and for the rest of the ride home tried to revive our toes and feet huddled under blankets. A number of runners didn't participate the next year in cross country for some reason. - DLVE

Sophomore Year: We went to the Malone Invitational with seemingly hundreds of other teams. For warmups teams in there nice new uniforms jogged the course to figure out where to run during the actual race. We on the other hand wore ragged ancient uniforms, and lead by Kenny Smith and his equally ancient boom box walked the course playing AC/DC's 8-track "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". The race was started by a cannon mounted to the back of a pickup and I'm sure those idiots enjoyed firing it in front of us. Although I didn't contribute, the rest of the team won its division. - DLVE

Sophomore Year: Someone got the bright idea to run a half marathon for practice from Park School to the white-painted church in Strasburg and back. The stench on some of us who survived was worse than a landfill. -DLVE

7th Grade-Sophomore Year: Due to the bad reception in the buses when going to Saturday morning meets, often the only station that could be received was playing Casey Kasem's America's Top 40. Now on Saturday mornings and evenings some radio stations are replaying those AT40 shows from back then! -DLVE

It was never fun when the City turned off the water fountains for the winter and the tennis courts and ballparks. -DLVE

Coach Lenarz was subject to death threats when he snuck up behind us in his Delta 88 boat and encouraged us not to be on LSD - "Long Slow Distance" while he drove off puffing on his smokes. -DLVE

Fartleks (training consisting of alternate sprinting and jogging) at the stadium were about the death of us. -DLVE



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