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1983 (Class of 1984's Senior Year)
1982 (Class of 1984's Junior Year)
1981 (Class of 1984's Sophomore Year)
1980 (Class of 1984's Freshman Year)


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8th Grade Teams


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Dover Little League Football Assn.



Coach Rick Staley

"Staley fondly remembered by many" 5-19-2009 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter
Times-Reporter 5-19-2009 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter
Bargain Hunter 5-29-2009 Courtesy Bargain Hunter


Older Game Programs

1979 Season

New Philadelphia @ Dover 11-2-1979 22.13MB

1977 Season

Dover @ Cambridge 11-4-1977 16.882MB
New Philadelphia @ Dover 11-11-1977 20.798MB

1954 Season

Coshocton @ Dover 11-12-1954 19.408MB Courtesy Dr. Robert Ley III



Training Routes

Winkler Dr.


Team Physicians

"Two new doctors to open practices" 6-14-1976 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter


Dover Tornado Club Football Banquets

11-28-1978 1.136MB
11-20-1979 1.079MB




"73rd meeting is Friday" Dover, NP eye cure for season ills" 11-10-1977 (TR 11-10-1977 C1.pdf) 984KB (Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter)
"Activities set tonight on eve of grid classic" 11-10-1977 (TR 11-10-1977 A1.pdf) 231KB (Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter)
"Dover's wet field is due to rain: NP has only pot luck tickets left" 11-10-1977 (TR 11-10-1977 C3.pdf) 202KB (Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter)
"The state is set: Phila roars; Dover ignites spirit" 11-11-1977 (TR 11-11-1977 A1-3.pdf) 1.211KB (Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter)


"Dover tops Phila, 7-0: Run by Rufener does it", "Cold night, warm feeling" 11-12-1977 (TR 11-12-1977.pdf) 1.816MB (Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter)

Dover whips Phila 28-7: Tornadoes go 10-0 for season", "Sideline highlights of the 75th classic: Armstrong scholarship fund announced" 11-3-1979 (TR 11-3-1979.pdf) 1.953MB (Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter)

"Dover dominates Phila 14-0: Tornadoes need Big Red loss to make playoffs" 11-7-1981 (TR 11-7-1981.pdf) 1.739MB

Former coach Tom & Sue Redman; team physician Don & Barbara Braden congratulating Cheryl Van Epps-Fung after her wedding in St. Joseph's Church 6-19-1994. .mov format, 43 sec., 43.4MB; 30 sec., 30.3MB



4-th - 6th Grade: It was a privilege and honor to lift weights and do sprint drills with the football team. While doing one set of sprints, Zach Space happened to ran out of his lane and intentionally tried to run me over. - DLVE

The trips out to Wooster, Ashland, and Mansfield were always memorable with the fall colors, the smells of the country, and long lines of traffic going to and from Dover. - DLVE

8th Grade: During the Dover-Youngstown Cardinal Mooney playoff game there was a hit by Scott Heller and another player in front of me and a couple coaches or assistants which ended up as a tie and both players got up and ran off. After the hit the men turned around and both said, "Oh ... my ... God". -DLVE

(Probably) 8th Grade: After the game (I believe) at Wooster their PA suddenly played The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again", notable because playing commercial music over the PA then was a new concept. It sounded good though. - DLVE

Freshman year: I was sitting on the bench sulking that North Canton Hoover had just beat Dover, and slowly realized chaos was breaking out over to the east side of the field as Hoover was trying to tear down the victory bell. I think I saw Todd Espenschied reach for his walking stick to use as a club. -DLVE

4th-Senior Year: The smell of the visitor locker room where they lifted weights was unforgettable. The smell of the home locker room after the games was even worse being a combination of sweat, fumes from the open restrooms, steam from the showers, and smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and Swisher Sweets all enough to knock a person out. -DLVE



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