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Turnaround ("in FRONT of Tornabene's, not in BACK"); 2nd St. Ext "Porkchop Hill"; Gibbs Ln. ("don't use Weinsz Dr.")



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Ohio Track & Field News

4-10-1982 7.091MB
4-26-1982 3.853MB
5-10-1982 4.185MB
5-17-1982 4.132MB
5-24-1982 4.838MB
6-4&5-1982 7.531MB
7-5-1982 4.223MB

4-16-1983 7.435MB
4-30-1983 3.73MB
5-14-1983 3.943MB
5-21-1983 3.583MB
5-28-1983 3.702MB
6-3&4-1983 7.249MB
7-5-1983 4.4MB

4-16-1984 7.666MB
4-28-1984 3.597MB
5-5-1984 4.097MB
5-12-1984 4.086MB
5-19-1984 4.016MB
5-26-1984 4.16MB
6-2-1984 7.443MB




2nd, 3rd, 4th Year Awards; 4th Year Pin



7th or 8th Grade Track: Mr. Dick Marshall was the assistant coach and was helping to time practice runs. One day he was calling out the times, "... 58, 59, a bird just shit on my hand". -DLVE

Freshman Track: On a Saturday practice session we were standing around on the track in front of the visitor's locker room entrance, and the seniors and juniors were wondering aloud who they had not initiated yet, then looked at me. Before they could move I had a head start on them, planted my foot in the middle of the brick wall by the concession stand, scaled the wall and ran up Winkler's hill, then looked back to see the team climbed half way up the wall watching and laughing. But I never did get initiated. Steve Truckley threatened to break my legs if I ever beat him in the long jump, but we eventually scouted for each other and scored many points for the team. -DLVE

Sophomore Track: Dad saw a training technique where athletes tied heavy rubber tubing to themselves and ran sprints or did other drills, and when it stretched out it introduced resistance. So we got one and hooked it up to the goal posts to run sprints, and to the stadium railing when I did step drills up the big home bleacher aisles. During one practice I was hopping up the steps and felt the resistance increasing more than usual. I looked back and seniors John Denning, Vince Contini, Mike Flora, and possibly others were reeling me in from where it was tied off to the railing at the bottom. I could have gone flying backwards through the air down to the first step, as if that mattered to them... -DLVE

Sophomore Track: I usually rode my 10-speed from home to school and then to track practice and locked it up outside of the home locker room. One day when I was finished I left the locker room and it wasn't there, but I did hear some snickering around the corner of the building. Then I looked up and there it was, hoisted up to the 2nd or 3rd story of the bleacher support I-beams. I yelled to the culprits around the corner "WHEN I GET BACK, MY BIKE IS GOING TO BE DOWN HERE OR ELSE!" and sure enough it was. -DLVE

Junior Track(?): During a trip to Regionals or Districts, Coach Heller was backing up the travel van with us in it, and Kenny Smith took his elbow and hit it against part of the frame making a loud crack like Coacher had backed up into something. We looked for his reaction which was to immediately look back but he quickly smiled maybe knowing something was up. -DLVE

Senior Track: Somehow I high jumped 6'2" using the Fosbury Flop technique, but more impressively hurdled 5'10" during a practice. -DLVE

Senior Track: I tried pole vaulting once. I got bend on the pole, but did not angle upward, and got kicked back down into the standard. And in the name of safety that was the last I tried that. -DLVE

Senior Track: During track practice at the long jump and high jump area we always listened for the magic sound of a pole vault cracking. Once cracked it was worthless except for us as we sprinted down to the other end, broke it up into 3' long or so pieces, pushed the ends into the clay ground, pulled them out with a plug of clay stuck in them, and whipped the stick so the plug went flying out, sometimes up to 70 or more yards. We timed some throws so that the long distance runners on the track would be directly underneath the dirt bombs landing around them with ample time for us to hide. We couldn't hide the hundreds of 1" x 4" holes in the ground from the groundkeepers though. -DLVE

Senior Track-College Freshman: I listened to the Detroit Tigers on my radio if they played during track practice when possible, and they got off to a great 35-5 start. Later on the way back from freshman college orientation that summer, my parents and I went to Municipal Stadium to watch the Tigers vs. Indians. As we got inside the concourse, we saw three men, arm in arm, skipping along the way singing "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my; lions and tigers and bears, oh my" and off they went. My dad split his gut; I was not happy, and the Tigers lost that game. During my freshman year the Tigers made the World Series, and I believe other floormates and I were coming back to the dorm from my first and only paintball session just in time to catch the last pitch of the last game and we won. As we got up to our floor the place was a war zone, if you can imagine a 55-yard long hallway, with trash all over the floor, guys yelling, drinking, throwing beers and pizza, dancing and fighting in the hall, firecrackers going off all over, bottlerockets shooting overhead all over the place, 2' of smoke on the 8' hallway ceiling dimming the lights so we almost couldn't see, and that was just our floor. What an intro to college life. -DLVE


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