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DLVE's 1st-4th Grade Lunchbox



Melissa Stofan; Balloonatik Annette Cookson, John Bienko, Keith Shumaker, Dianne Phillips, Michelle Griesen; Jim Polk (possibly study hall)



Greg Herman, Dave Polce, Lew Clark, Dan Warther, Todd Mobley; Phil Gordon, Steve Moser; Paul Blair

Sue Stofan, Jim Lanza; Jim Pierson

Keith Shumaker, Margaret Burthcher; Trisha Northrop, Patti Miller being bad, Audra Thompson, Mindy Bigler

Chris Sweitzer, Fran Brogan, Bill Litty, Polly Armstrong, Mindy Bailey, Linda Pissocra, Becky Zifer;
Brock Jones, Jeff Auman, Steve Cox, Joel Hampsher, Steve Johnson, Greg Lutz








Sally Fox; Brad Swinderman, possibly Greg Heller; Rhonda Selway, Kelly Reichman, Julie Smith, Daniel Van Epps, Kevin DeMarco

Vince Contini, John Corsi; Lew Clark, Greg Herman, Paul Blair


Debbie Reiger; Pam Alesiano, Principle Robert Schrock; Sherry Gingery, Brad Swinderman






Week of 9-6-1972 for Dover Elementaries (Wednesday was the first day of school and the first day the Class of 1984 used cafeterias as 1st Graders)

Wednesday - Wiener sandwich with dill slices, yellow wax beans, fruit salad, cookie.
Thursday - Spaghetti with mean sauce, tossed salad, peach half, Italian bread and butter.
Friday - Tuna salad sandwich, baked beans, apricots.



The 7th-12th grade lunchtime basketball games in the gym (8th grade shown above) were brutal. We often went without eating lunch. - DLVE

Sophomore or Junior Year: Michigan lost to Ohio State, and the Monday after a mob was going to go after me at lunch. However instead of going to the cafeteria via Senior Hall, I left the middle school via 6th St. and walked down the St. Joe's alley to 9th St. to eat lunch at my grandmother's house. A number of miscreants saw me from the gym lobby yelling "THERE HE IS" and they and Coach Heller exited the building in an apparent chase but I was too far away and once again much too smart for them. - DLVE


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