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"A test of spirit: Tuscarawas County YMCA renovation more than just changes in appearance" 1-25-2009 (YMCA 1-25-2009.pdf) Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter


"Tuscarawas County YMCA to mark 90th anniversary Tuesday" 12-27-2009 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter


Summer Y Camp

Some leather crafts we might have done during summer Y camp at the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds (or during middle school Industrial Arts class)



"Bitikofer disappointed in diving nationals" 5-5-1984 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter

"YMCA gymnasts honored" 5-2-1984 Courtesy Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter



Our parents sent some of us to the Y's summer activities camps to get rid of us for a few hours. Some field trips involved going to the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds (possibly in coordination with the 4-H) to tour the facilities (which always smelled like horse doo) and doing arts and crafts there like the leather works above; visiting Snyder's horse farm on Blacksnake Road; going to some of the same area attractions that we visited during school field trips; playing soccer, flag football, swimming, ping pong, badminton, gymnastic activities, and probably obstacle courses; going to Tall Timbers (now Wood's Tall Timber Lake Resort where Robbie Wherley (NPHS '84) got bit on his toe by a fish; watching scary movies including the original Frankenstein; touring various local attractions, etc. I believe Becky Limbacher's older cousin was one of the Y volunteers. - DLVE

I honed my bumper school skills at the Y, which came in useful decades later at West Virginia U. where at the bar playing against fellow doctoral classmates I went almost undefeated. - DLVE

The Patio Cherry pop in the glass bottles out of the pop machine in the snack area that faced the pool was the absolute best and nothing since tastes like it. - DLVE


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