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25th Reunion Planning


The DHS Class of 1984 Reunion Committee will hold our 25th reunion on August 1, 2009 at the McDonald-Marlite Center in New Philadelphia.



Dinner -Dance -Socializing and Fun

McDonald/Marlite Conference Center

143 McDonald Dr. SW

New Philadelphia, OH


Social Hour - 6:00pm. - 7:00pm.

Class Picture - 6:45pm.

Buffet Dinner - 7:00pm. Dancing, Socializing and Fun until Midnight

$35.00 Per Person - Cash Bar


Some interesting facts: Our 5yr. Reunion in 1989 -57 Classmates attended, 10 yr. Reunion in 1994 - 58 Classmates attended, 15 yr. Reunion in 1999 - 52 Classmates attended and our 20yr. Reunion in 2004 - 38 Classmates attended. The following class members have attended every reunion: Stephanie Deeds, Carol Dummermuth, Connie Korns, Greg Lutz, Todd McCahill, Scott McCartney, Kim Meese, Tom Morris, Wayne Parrish, Sue Perry, Jamie Taylor, Doug Telle and Dan Van Epps.  25 years is a long time - things have changed as well as people have changed! Please try and find time in your busy schedule to attend our 25th. reunion and catch up with old and new friends!


At the reunion we are planning on having a booklet printed up with everyone's name, address and what you are doing. Even if you are not planning to attend the reunion, could please take a few minutes of your time and fill out our Information Sheet, and update our mailing list.E-Mail or Mail it back to me before June 15, 2009

To: Kim "Meese" Wallace - Dover High School Class of 1984

7457 Green Ridge Rd. SE, Dennison, OH 44621

Questions - Contact Kim "Meese" Wallace - 330-343-3763 or


Classmates Attending the 25th Reunion (Confirmed as of 7-21-2009; # attending reunion)

Chris (Austin) Metzger (1)
Francis Brogan (1)
Stephanie (Deeds) Sanda (1)
Connie (Doidge) Fuhrer (2)
Mike & Michelle (Fox) Sugalski (2)
Kelly (Holden) Bucevac (2)
Daniel & Nancy Hurst (2)
Ken Kollar (2)
David Maize (1)
Todd McCahill (1)
Scott & Cindy McCartney (2)
Dale & Lee Ann (Marshall) Miller (2)
Kyle Miller (1)
Rod Miller (2)
Eric & Kim (Meese) Wallace (2)
Chris Mills (1)
Mike & Sue (Perry) Stokey (2)
Doug & Ann Telle (2)
Kim (Tope) Kaswinkel (1)
Daniel Van Epps (1)

Late Shows

Tom Morris
Becky (Zifer) Due

Potential Shows

Jim Eichel
Carolyn (Feutz) Hucek
Linda (Pissocra) Hutras
Keith Shumaker


Leslie (Yosick) Knoblauch


Golf @ Union Country Club 10am (Confirmed as of 7-21-2009; # signed up)

Stephanie (Deeds) Sanda (1)
Todd McCahill (1)
Scott McCartney (1)
Kyle Miller (1)
Chris Mills (1)
Keith Shumaker (1)
Sue Perry Stokey (1)
Doug Telle (1)

Probable Shows

Jim Eichel


Bowling @ Boulevard Lanes (Had confirmed for Saturday afternoon as of 7-21-2009; # signed up)

(Note: Due to the low number of classmates signed up for Saturday, the date for bowling likely will be changed to Friday night, 7-31-2009 until 1am. Friday hours are from 6pm to 1am, from 6-8 costs $1.50 per game, from 8-1 costs $3.25 per game, and shoe rental is $2. They have a bar and grill, pool tables, other amusements, and you don't have to bowl if you don't want to.)

Chris Austin Metzger (3)
Connie Doidge Fuhrer (4)
Michelle Fox Sugalski (2)
Chris Mills (1)
Keith Shumaker (1)
Daniel Van Epps (1)
Kim Meese Wallace (2)

Probable Shows


Possible Extra Reunion Itinerary

Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning walk at Crater Stadium?

Afternoon tour of the high school or other elementaries (needs arranged)?

Tuscarawas Central Catholic Festival (Electric Mud playing from 8-11pm)

Sometime at night: Possible party @ Scott McCartney's house & deck (pending results of his daughter's sports game)?

Schoolhouse Winery open until 10pm?

Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009

Post-reunion: Possible party @ Sue Perry Stokey's house?

Tuscarawas Central Catholic Festival (Badstone playing from 8-11pm - interferes with reunion)

Denny's @ New Philadelphia?

Sunday, Aug. 2, 2009

Brunch somewhere?

Tuscarawas Central Catholic Festival (Moonlighters playing from 8-11pm)


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