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2004 20th Year Reunion

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Announcement (Courtesy Susan Perry Stokey)


Pre-20th Year Reunion - Tour of DHS; Friday pregame DHS Band rehearsal @ DHS


Friday night afterparty at Scott McCartney's

Dan Van Epps, Cindi McCartney, Ron Grimm, Leslie Yosick Knoblauch, Chris Sweitzer, Fran Brogan, Greg Lutz, James Black (DHS '80/honorary Class of 1984), Mark Black (DHS '79?/honorary Class of 1984), Sue Perry Stokey, Mike Stokey, Scott McCartney.


20th year reunion @ Union Country Club

Row 1: Kathy Marlowe, Becky Zifer, Leslie Yosick, Sue Perry, Brenda Polen, Cora Holcomb, Rhonda Dickey, Jodi Bitikofer, Malinda Ray, Kim Meese
Row 2: Marty Miller, Stephanie Deeds, Greg Lutz, Jamie Taylor, Chris Sweitzer, Carol Dummermuth, Dawn Hostetler, Lori Zahler, Connie Korns, Lynda Pissocra, Carolyn Feutz, Lee Ann Marshall
Row 3: Daniel Van Epps, Chris Mills, Scott McCartney, Kevin DeMarco, Chris Groh, Jim Wright, Keith Shumaker, Todd McCahill, Dale Miller, Doug Telle
Row 4: Tom Morris, Fran Brogan, Kyle Miller, Wayne Parrish
Arrived After Photo Was Taken: Shelly Sweitzer, Ron Grimm


Post-reunion at Sue Perry Stokey's

Standing - Dan Van Epps, Wayne Parrish, Chris Hutras, Lynda Pissocra Hutras, Ron Grimm
Sitting - Shelly Sweitzer (back to camera), Leslie Yosick Knoblauch, Scott McCartney (studying the table intently)


Someone's reunion nametag


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