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25th Year Reunion 2009 - Presentations

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Presentations Part 1 (Welcome, moment of silence, benediction, bowling video) .mov format 373MB; 9 min 41 sec.


Friday Night Bowling @ Boulevard Lanes .mov format, 375MB; 6 min 18 sec.


Presentations Part 2 (Band film, track film) .mov format 406MB; 9 min 59 sec.


High School and Red & Gray Bands Veteran's Day Parade Movie 11-1982 .mov format 112MB; 1 min 11 sec.


Various Track & Field Meets and Practices Movie 1981 .mov format, 319MB; 3 min 7 sec.


Presentations Part 3 (class photos, yearbooks, start of dinner) .mov format 417MB; 9 min 43 sec.

Class Photos


Technical note: The Adobe Acrobat software I used to scroll the class photos and yearbooks did not have any adjustments to slow down or quicken up the pace. Hopefully next time we'll have better software to use. -DLVE


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