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Back in 1965-1966


For those of us born in Dover, here are some 1965 articles of how it was back then and before-

For others of us born in Detroit, here's how it was then-

Detroit: City on the Move Part 1
Detroit: City on the Move Part 2
Field Trip Detroit Zoo (1963 or 1965)
Detroit Radio Station WJR Part 1
Detroit Radio Station WJR Part 2
Detroit Radio Station WJR Part 3

Other places and things back then-

Tour of Pittsburgh 1965
Pittsburgh - then and now

The 1965 New York World's Fair
1964 World's Fair Part Two
Welfare Island: Blight of a City 1966

Portsmouth Ohio drag racing at Procterville Ohio 1965
Old Pocono Drag Lodge in 65 or 66

1965 Claymont Marching Hundred

Atlantic City 1966/1967
Atlantic Beach, NC 1966

1965 slot racing, made in USA

Romper Room's Miss Judy visits a fire house 1965

NBC TV Network 1965-1966 season preview

Skateboarding 1965



If you have pictures, movies, websites, etc. of things from your locale back then that you'd love to share with the rest of us, send them to the webmaster!


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