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Carnival of Shame

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J.D.'s Rendezvous c.1990

Class of 1985 member Pete Marshall, Pat Nichols, and two other guys


Movie 29 min 47 sec, 572MB .mov format


(Full resolution DVD of the concert available upon request, please contact the webmaster here.)

Pete - Is that your grandmother's fur?


Patrons include classmate Kathy Marlowe; former classmate David Lagatta; Class of 1980 member Tim Chumney; Class of 1981 member Kevin Farrar; Class of 1983 member Jim Austin; Class of 1985 members Jennifer Border, Sam Davis(?), Michelle Rauschenbach(?) & Chris Zuchegno; Class of 1987 members Andrea Davis(?) and Jan Marlowe; Nancy Austin(?); and Richard Gibbs.


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