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Pharaohs of Rhythm

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Joe's Cloverleaf c.1990s

Richard Gibbs, Q, Steve Sicurella & Donnie Whittingham w/guests Jimmy Robinson and Mark Incarnato

Movie 1 hr 32 min 54 sec, 2.017GB .mov format

Patrons include former classmate David Lagatta; Terry or Todd Swigheimer, Phil Quicksall, Nancy Austin, Gus Lambros(?) and Terry Snyder(?)


Joe's Cloverleaf Christmas 1992

Richard Gibbs, Q, Steve Sicurella & Donnie Whittingham w/guest Louis Paris

Show 58 min 58 sec, 1.283GB .mov format (includes cheesy live video effects courtesy of a JVC HR-S8000U S-VHS VCR)

Patrons include classmate Kathy Marlowe(?); former classmate David Lagatta; Class of 1987 member Andrea Davis(?); Mark Incarnato, Mike Pace(?), Kelly Incarnato, Dixie Incarnato, Gus Lambros, and Nancy Austin.


Afterparty @ Wendy's 38 min 36 sec, 727MB .mov format

Guests include Gus Lambros, Mike Heck, Don Davis, Richard Gibbs, Matt Hardesty, Steve Sicurella, Tom Basilwitz(?), and Steve Mari.


(Full resolution DVDs of the shows available upon request, please contact the webmaster here.)




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