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Kindergarden South School: David Pruni & I yelled at each other over who was going to marry Becky Zifer - DLVE

Kindergarden South School: David Pruni & I always tried to complete constructing the building pictured on the container of the Legos-like blocks during recess but always ran out of time. - DLVE

Kindergarden South School: There was a girl I think named Judy in our class who was held back a year. She was mean and was beating a number of the boys up, whereupon Mrs. Partridge had to constantly send he to the office and I think she eventually got transferred out of the class. - DLVE

Kindergarden South School: Some of the musical teaching aids included a big set of individual xylophone chimes, which we used maybe once or twice the whole year. We were never allowed to play with them during recess which I always wanted to do. - DLVE

2nd Grade?, South School: To get us an early start in becoming door-to-door salespeople, they gave us greeting card kits and we were supposed to hit up friends and family. I think they even coached us on sure-fire selling pitches. - DLVE

K-4 South School: On some nights the school used to have open gym, and the fathers played pick-up basketball while we kids played around on the gym equipment and floor mats that we probably played on earlier that day in gym class. - DLVE

K-4 South School: The school used to have an open house or fair of some sort. When we came back to our classrooms that night there were many amusements, one I think was a fishing-type game with long steel tubs full of water and some plastic fish or things swimming in them and you had to catch them with a pole to win a prize. - DLVE

K-4 South School: At Christmas time they took us to the gym and had tables with displays set up on the stage or in front of it with a fine selection of stocking stuffers we were supposed to buy as gifts for our friends and family, using our parent's money. - DLVE

K-4 South School Recess: The older classes used to have huge soccer games but we were too small to play with them. Likewise for basketball usually observed by Mr. Whitis. We used to swing so high on the swings we'd nearly go above perpendicular. We also used to dare each other to swing high then jump off, which we did and somehow didn't get killed hitting the grass below. I figured out putting a backspin on the red rubber ball caused it to come out of my chute more than average in the funnel with four chutes game. Why did South School have two recesses/day while East School only had one? - DLVE

K-4 South School Gym Classes: Remember climbing the rope all the way to the ceiling of the gym, with only a gym mat below? - DLVE

K-4 South School: Goshen Dairy orange drink or chocholate milk for lunch out of the big Goshen Dairy cooler chest for that smooth sugar high, but never regular milk as we always got that at home. - DLVE

K-4 South School: When the wind was right (or wrong), the cooking esters they dumped out back at the Hardesty/Union Camp/now Arizona Chemical plant stunk up the place. You know the smell. - DLVE

K-4 South School: Flashcards, flashcards, flashcards. - DLVE

3rd Grade South School: Ms. Bowers had a fit after apparently hearing Danny Green mention the word "pot", although some of us had to be told later what that meant. - DLVE

4th Grade South School: Mrs. Cole had a sore throat and opened her cabinet to get some cough syrup with her back to the class. Rod Sherrell snuck up to the front of the class, pretended to take a swig, and staggered around. Mrs. Cole saw him, then took him outside as he still staggered around. -DLVE

4th Grade East School: If not mistaken Mrs. Mathey's class, perhaps in conjunction with the other 4th grade class, did a performance where we sang John Denver's "County Roads" and "Thank God I'm a Country Boy", "Erie Canal", "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", "This is My Country", and a few others. - DLVE

4th Grade East School: Mrs. Mathey said it was impossible for another Ice Age to occur. - DLVE

4th & 5th Grade East School: Wasn't it fun playing tackle and/or hard push football, baseball with a real baseball, "Smear the Queer" (queer as in the poor kid that caught the ball and tried to get of the pile alive), dodgeball, and kickball during recess? - DLVE

4th-8th Grade: I sometimes helped out the waterboys for varsity football. A few times we made orange Gatorade in the big watercoolers, but we added too much mix or didn't dissolve it all. After the game we dumped out the water coolers but it was a shame to dump the Gatorade so we finished it off, oftentimes with undissolved mix in the bottom of our Dixie cups. No wonder we stayed up all night and then some. - DLVE

4th-8th Grade: During one Dover-New Philadelphia home basketball game near the end the sound guy played Queen's "We Will Rock You" - common now but back then rare to play music over the PA - and our student section started stomping on the bleachers in rhythm. When the U.S. hockey team beat the Russians in the Winter Olympics the PA announcer read the final score at the game and the whole place went nuts. - DLVE

6th Grade: At the spelling bee one person was just about to spell a word when my dad's old boxy Motorola pager went off and a voice announced to everyone that someone was trying to page him. - DLVE

6th Grade: Mrs. Lenox thought it would be nice for our class to put on a play so we did "A Christmas Carol". She assigned me to be Ebenezer Scrooge, even though to this day I have trouble memorizing things. Not exactly the most pleasant memories having to act in front of the entire 5th & 6th grades plus an encore on the weekend I believe for parents or retirees. I believe Jamie Taylor was Tiny Tim and Kathleen Wilson was one of the spirits. - DLVE

6th Grade: Those monstrous football games at recess between Mr. Lenarz and Mr. Willoughby with kids from all classes on each team. - DLVE

6th Grade?: In Mrs. Armstrong's health class we learned CPR using 1 gallon milk jugs we had to bring in and cut a hole in representing the victim's mouth. Someone forgot to thoroughly wash out the jug I got... - DLVE

6th Grade: If not mistaken Mrs. Lenox' class went to her house on 17th St. on the last day of school and had a going away party. - DLVE

7th Grade: They rooted out our classmate that did a #2 in the first floor urinal. - DLVE

7th Grade: In math class Mr. Lombardo would on occassion walk up to certain problem students and push their heads down into their books violently as a means of discipline. Mr. Dick Marshall tested the tensile strength of hallway lockers using problem students as projectiles resulting in noises that not only disrupted other first floor classes in progress but installed a sense of fear into them. - DLVE

8th Grade 1st Period American History: Jim Barnes apparently had a bottle of wine before class and yacked it up beside his desk. Mr. Terry Corder chuckled "Damn Barnes, smells like a brewery in here!" as Jim left to get a mop and bucket. There was always a pile of snow on the sports section Mr. Corder was reading at his desk. - DLVE

8th Grade D.C. Trip - On the bus ride over we went through Pittsburgh and passed seemingly mile after mile of steel mills and train cars of coal, coke, etc. immediately adjacent to the highway. Looking up the route we took on what's now I-376 those mills and trains are now gone. Someone brought some dirty magazines along on the trip. "Don't buy anything from hawkers!" (What's a "hawker"?) Some students did however buy little glass vials containing noxious-snelling liquid and accidently dropped them in various places including I believe a McDonald's restaurant which resulted in its partial evacuation. - DLVE

Freshman or Sophomore Year: Freddy Todd and others were the first to leave the Senior Hall up the stairways to the science classrooms, and suddenly one of them "lost" a contact lens and backed up everyone trying to get to their lockers and classes. - DLVE

Freshman or Sophomore Year: During one of the Fridays before a football game Freddy Todd was walking around with a long squiggly balloon and was goosing the girls. - DLVE

Freshman or Sophomore Year: One morning while riding my bike to school I noticed the rear tire was low on air so I stopped at the Sohio station on N. Wooster and got air. However I wasn't paying attention and put too much air in it and it blew up. Luckily I wasn't hurt. I walked the bike to school and back home that day. - DLVE

Freshman and/or Sophomore Year: Study halls were spent playing paper football and portable video games. To get around the problem of the games making beeps out loud and alerting the monitor, I soldered a sound kill switch onto my game. - DLVE

Freshman-Senior Year: Remember the heat on the third floor classrooms during hot days and how we used to stick to those plastic chairs that were peeling their coatings away? - DLVE

Senior Physics: Mr. Lorson told us tales of when students fell asleep in his classes he'd throw erasers at them, and in one case he ran a wire from his front desk along the wooden floor up the problem student's desk to a point where it made contact with him, and when he fell asleep Mr. Lorson juiced up a capacitor and then switched his end of the wire to it, resulting in the kid getting what we call today "Tas'ed". - DLVE

Senior Academic Awards: In prior years they gave out a medal for perfect attendance for four straight years. I sacrificed going to class every day even when ill (sorry Amy Taylor for being sick and yakking lunch outside of your locker I believe during sophomore year but I had to keep the attendance streak going). So at the sernior year banquet they had no perfect attendance award to give because they stopped that category that year. I made up for that in college though... - DLVE


I know you people can remember some things that happened back then that you'd love to share with the rest of us, so cough them up and send them to the webmaster!


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