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Viewing Videos

Digital videos come in a number of different formats. While most software viewing programs can interpret and play almost all of the formats, there are known issues in some players that have yet to be corrected.

There are two types of video formats mounted on this website - .mpg and .mov. Most viewers can play .mpg without problems, but Windows users may have trouble playing .mov movies as Windows Media Player has not been interpreting them properly. The problem seems to be when the link to the movie is clicked, Windows Media Player activates and instead of streaming (downloading and playing) the movie live, it tries to download it which for some reason takes literally forever and it may never play the movie afterward. Macintosh OS X users do not have this problem as the Quicktime viewer properly plays .mov.

Ideally the videos could be stored online in .mpg, .mov, and other formats, but that takes up alot of room on the website hosting server, and the hosting companies frown upon huge duplicate files mounted on their servers. The videos could be loaded to YouTube and other such hosting sites, but those companies tend to reformat the videos and tamper with their sound, in addition to slowing down your computer by using Adobe Flash and showing advertisements on top of the videos. This site is commercial free and is not interested in profiting by you viewing it.

The easiest solution for Windows users to view .mov movies is to goto Apple's Quicktime website here-
and click on the link "Get QuickTime for Windows".
Then download the appropriate viewer for your version of Windows.

After downloading, start installing it. QuickTime may ask if you want it to become the default player for audio and video files instead of Windows Media Player or other programs. Tell the installation not to automatically play those file types if you want Windows Media Player, etc. to play them instead. QuickTime will still play .mov files when you click on their links in a browser. After rebooting you should be able to stream and watch the movies.

Hint for all movie viewers - after clicking on a movie link and if applicable activating a player, it helps to let the movie load first before watching it. Waiting for the movie to load first seems to free up the computer's processor from doing two big tasks at once, and can reduce or eliminate the annoying pausing during playing while the buffer reloads.

If you have any further questions contact the webmaster here.


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