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30th Reunion Planning


Latest Notices (Updated 3-27-2014)


The final invitation and confirmed activities have been posted on the 30th Year Reunion page here.



Snacks from Shearer's could be used at both Sue's party and the reunion since there will be tons available.


Site Photos

(Before we get done with it)

Kitchen Area

Inside Seating Areas

Outdoor Backporch Area

Men's & Women's Restrooms



Other Site Issues

House lighting during dancing.
Sound system & lighting from DJ Nik Popa day prior or day of.
Dance floor location if TV tuner is used for jukebox.

Locate tuner at desired location, run extra coax to antenna, use additional TV, confirm music channels are available, check TV and/or tuner have stereo audio outputs.

Big screen TV as projector.

Bring DVD player and check DVD prior to reunion.


Other Potential Issues

Other DHS classes, former classmates, teachers welcome?


Possible Activities

Dover High School home football game, Thursday night?
Wooster Ave. Bridge Jumping by Paul "Wildman" Hollinger, TBA?
Luncheon, Sunday morning?


Potential Reunion Weekend Conflicts

Dover High School football schedule


New Philadelphia High School football schedule


NASCAR schedule

8-23 @ Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, TN, 7:30PM

Cleveland Browns schedule


Pittsburgh Steelers schedule


Cleveland Indians schedule

8-22 vs. Houston, 7:05PM
8-23 vs. Houston, 7:05PM
8-24 vs. Houston, 7:05PM


Older Notices

The DHS Class of 1984 Reunion Committee will meet to start planning the 30th year reunion at the Bistro 131 Restaurant, 131 Bluebell Drive, New Philadelphia (at the old Texas Roadhouse), on March 4th at 6:30PM in the meeting room.

All classmates are encouraged to attend. If you are not able to attend the meeting but would like to provide input, please contact Kim Meese Wallace here.



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