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Dinner Part 1 .mov format 408MB; 10 min.

Dinner Part 2 .mov format 394MB; 9 min 53 sec.

Dinner Part 3 .mov format 483MB; 10 min.

Dinner Part 4 .mov format 479MB; 10 min.

Dinner Part 5 .mov format 510MB; 10 min.

Dinner Part 6 .mov format 489MB; 10 min.

Dinner Part 7 .mov format 482MB; 10 min.

Dinner Part 8 .mov format 342MB; 7 min 2 sec.

Walkaround video .mov format 373MB; 5 min 14 sec.



Photos courtesy of Kim Meese Wallace

Photos courtesy Daniel Van Epps


Those classmates attending the reunion Saturday night were Chris (Austin) Metzger, Francis Brogan, Stephanie (Deeds) Sanda, Michelle (Fox) Sugalski, Pete & Kelly (Holden) Bucevac, Dan & Nancy Hurst, Vince & Andrea (Loibl) Fantin, Luis Esteban Fernandez, Carolyn (Feutz) Hucek, Jon Fox & Beverly Warner, Jodie Jennings & , Ken Kollar, Greg Lutz, Dave Maize and mother, Kathy (Marlowe) Basiletti, Dale & Lee Ann (Marshall) Miller, Kyle Miller, Rod Miller, Todd McCahill, Scott & Cindy McCartney, Eric & Kim (Meese) Wallace, Chris Mills, Tom Morris, Wayne Parrish, Lynda (Pissocra) Hutras, Collette Ray, Mike & Sue (Perry) Stokey, Shelly Sweitzer & , Doug & Ann Telle, Kevin & Kevin & Kim (Tope) Kaswinkel, Kim (York) Maurer, Becky (Zifer) Due


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