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Canal Dover Festival 5-28-2010

Christine Austin Metzger taking a photo of husband Steve Metzger - bassist of the Moonlighters Acoustic
Daniel Van Epps, Lori Davidson Finley, Robin Thompson Miller
Christine Austin Metzger (squeezing the Charmin a little too tightly), Daniel Van Epps, Kim York Maurer
Others attending were Mike and Sue Perry Stokey, Eric and Kim Meese Wallace, Doug Telle


Patti Miller Mauro's "Safe from the Past" book signing at the School House Winery 10-16-2010

Patti Miller Mauro and Kim Meese Wallace

Kim Meese Wallace, Patti Miller Mauro, and Rachel Mercer Bolek

Sebastian & Trisha Northrop Birceanu and Wayne Parrish

DHS '84 classmates Trisha Northrop Birceanu, Patti Miller Mauro, Wayne Parrish, Kathy Peters Welsh, Kim Meese Wallace, Carol Cramer Bechtel, Suzie Boone Calendine, and Rachel Mercer Bolek

Photos courtesy Eric and Kim (Meese) Wallace


Patti Miller Mauro's "Safe from the Past" presentation at the Dover Public Library 10-19-2010

Carol Cramer Bechtel, Patti Miller Mauro, Chris Mills; Keith Shumaker; Christine Austin Metzger

Patti Miller Mauro, Carol Cramer Bechtel, former DHS guidance counselor Susan Canfield

Karen Pittman Brinkley, Trisha Northrop Birceanu, Keith Shumaker


Classmates joining Patti for lunch at Mary Zifer's Pizza 10-20-2010

Trisha Northrop Birceanu, Patti Miller Mauro, Kim Meese Wallace, Wayne Parrish, Kathy Peters Welsh, Daniel Van Epps

During lunch at Mary Zifer's, we heard a live remote being broadcast on WJER from the new mattress store addition to Williams Furniture, and Fran Brogan was explaining their grand opening and the great deals on the mattresses. So Patti and Daniel visited the store after lunch to check out the bargains.
Fran demonstrated the remote control adjustable model, and promised our next reunion could be held at the shop, with their mattresses available for the comfort and relaxation by all attendees.


Get-together at Kim Meese Wallace's house 8-19-2011

Back: Keith Shumaker, Christine Austin Metzger, Kim Meese Wallace, Daniel Van Epps, Veronica LeMay, Chris Mills
Front: Randy Moretta, Cora Holcomb Moretta, Jon Fox's fiance Beverly Warner, Jon Fox

Pixie (Shihtzu with the bow in her hair) and Harlie the Jack Russell had fun too.

Kim being ever the good host while Dan feeds his face with pizza;
Chris gives Keith's Chuck Norris action figure an up-close and personal view.


Former classmate Veronica Demay's visit to Kim Meese Wallace's home 8-16-2013

Row 2: Kim Tope Kaswinkel, Veronica LeMay, Kim Mees Wallace
Row 1: Daniel Van Epps, Chris Mills, Jon Fox, Cora Holcolm Moretta

All unsuccessfully trying to pose properly
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Kim Tope Kaswinkel, Veronica LeMay, Kim Meese Wallace

Chris Mills and Jon Fox still lost in their famous 25 year reunion poses (right)

Classmate spouses included Kevin Kaswinkel, Eric Wallace, Randy Moretta, and Beverly Fox.


30th Year Reunion Planning Committee, 3-4-2014 @ Bistro 131, New Philadelphia

Daniel Van Epps, Rodney Miller, Chris Mills, Paul Hollinger, Audra Thompson Miceli, Sue Perry Stokey, Jay Martin, Cora Holcolm Moretta, Jon Fox, Kim Meese Wallace

Paul and Chris attempting the "Selfie" position


Old Timers Reunion 10-15-2014

Dr. Keith Van Epps, Neil Buchanan, Raymond Johnston, Ted Martin, Tom Armstrong, Tom Fragasse


Quasi-Italian Connection Dave Pruni, Steve Sicurella (DHS '81) Daniel Van Epps at Martini 97 3-24-2015
Photo (L) and short movie (R) made from the camera's messed-up still photos.


Ron Grimm, Daniel Van Epps, and Kim York at Martini 97 5-23-2015


Paul Hollinger, Class of 1984 wannabe Ronnie Smith (DHS '83), Shelly Sweitzer, and Daniel Van Epps at Martini 97 12-14-2015
Paul it's not nice to photobomb a photo of Dan



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